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Yet another website builder

Have you ever made your own website? I hope you did. So you should remember all the steps to walk through to make it work. Not earn money, just work. Let’s remember what website consists of.

For the first: webhosting. there are numerous webhosting providers allaround. You may prefer an account on shared hosting or VPS/VDS for those who like to make experiments with fine-tuning. Every hosting should have a 27×7 support service. If there is a high wall between you and hosting support system — you’d better run fast and far away from those hostings.

The second: a domain name. My recommendations: a domain name shot be as sort as possible, have one dot in its name and be easy to pronounce. So, if you tell the name of your site via telephone call your callee must understand it from first touch.

The third: CMS system. Yes, you need an easy-to-use, fast and scalable CRM system. I like WordPress, others prefer Joomla or Drupal. Please, look into Internet and search the most appropriate CRM system for your child (I mean website).

Stop! Stop! Stop! Do you really wants to do all that stuff? It will take away a great bit of your life!

So, I can propose a better desicion for your pleasure. Take a look at https://webark.com/ — a new webside builder for business websites. It’s a new generation technology based on qoob builder. Webark service comprises a numerous responsible templates for desktop and mobile, domain name and hosting with uptime more than 99.9%, build-in analytics and statistics, fast support and even free start content. So, the whole site creation process will take about two hours. Free up your time and choose webark.com.



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