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Masterpiece of Support. SideOffer is here


Today I’m gonna tell an interesting story about problems and their solving. I’m gonna tell you the story how SideOffer WordPress Plugin became v.1.0.2.

SideOffer is a useful plugin with very clear settings. It can hide extra information about your site behind page area, leaving only counterfoil. Click on this counterfoil shows all hidden information through the sliding of extra panel.

Once I installed SideOffer and became confused. This plugin didn’t work with eiter my topic or my hosting or with other plugins. I could only see it in action in my admin panel. As I supposed this plugin could be a real thing, I wrote a letter to David Benedetti, the author of SideOffer.

I was very surprised to get an aswer half-an-our later. Dave asked me to provide all necessary information so he could analyze that stuff. I did it.

Dave decided that he did forget to include jquery to load on the front end. …and sent me new 1.0.2 version of SideOffer!

But even tht version failed to work on my site. Dave didn’t give up. During our comunication he noticed additional bug. This time it was with my WordPress Template:
Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘placeholder’

So i began to dig. During my experiments I found i final reason. I translated one of widgets and entered Cyrillic symbols in its PHP-file. this caused problems with overall template work. I just resaved that fle in other encoding using Notepad++

P.S. I promised Dave to write a review about plugin. But I wrote this story about excellent free support, about collaboration and willing to help to end-user. So everybody can suppose it is a Recommendation letter for David Benedetti.
If somebody has questions — use Facebook to contact me.

Regards, Oleksandr Demchenko

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